Cleaning module-II

Cleaning module-II

Optional module for the automatic, chemical cleaning of flow cell and photometer. To use conjointly with the AMI Codes-II, AMI Codes-II CC, AMI Codes-II TC, AMI Phosphate-II, AMI Phosphate HL or AMI SAC254 analyzers.

  • Chemical cleaning of the instruments’ flow cells is achieved with periodical additions of a cleaning solution, e.g. Javel water and/or diluted sulfuric acid.
  • Especially useful for disinfectant monitoring in water with biological growth.
  • Complete system installed on mounting panel including control electronics, reagent dosing system with switching valve and reagent containers with level sensors.
  • Cleaning interval and duration is controlled by AMI transmitter.
  • Factory tested and ready for installation.


  • Panel made of PVC
  • Dimensions: 170 x 850 x 200 mm
  • Cleaning interval and duration is controlled by AMI transmitter.
  • During the cleaning process the analyzer stays in hold mode.
  • Power is supplied through the AMI transmitter.
  • Requires firmware versions AMI Codes-II V6.22, AMI Codes-II CC V6.23, AMI Codes-II TC V6.21, AMI Phosphate-II V6.21, AMI Phosphate HL V6.22 or AMI SAC254 V6.22-RC


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