Flow cell QV-Flow IS1000, 1m

Flow cell QV-Flow IS1000, 1m

Flow cell for continuous pH and ORP/Redox measurements in high purity water for two sensors with built-in Pt1000 temperature probe, manual flow adjustment valve and digital sample flow meter.


  • Flow cell and sample beaker made of stainless steel SS316L.
  • Sample beaker with bayonet coupling for easy sensor access and calibration.
  • Sensor connections: 2 x PG13.5 thread(1 blind plug included in delivery)
  • Suitable Swansensors: pH SI, pH FL + Reference FLor ORP/Redox versions alternatively.
  • Process connections
    – Inlet: Swagelok adapter for ¼” tube
    – Outlet: Serto 90°-angle for ∅ 8×6 mm tube (tube 1.5 m included in delivery)
  • Electrical connections
    – Pt1000 probe: screw head
    – Flow meter: cable with end sleeves
    – Suitable transmitters: AMI pH-Redox, AMU pH-Redox
  • Mounting: 2 screws M5 x 10 mm (included in delivery)
  • Sample conditions
    – Flow: 5 to 10 L/h
    – Temperature: up to 50 °C
    – Inlet pressure: max. 2 bar at 50 °C
    – Outlet pressure: must be pressure-free
    – Tube length at outlet: max. 1.5 m



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