Swansensor Redox AY

Swansensor Redox AY

Combined electrode with polymer electrolyte for standard applications, PG13.5, screw plug

  • Maintenance-free ORP electrode in mechanically and chemically inert plastic case (IP68) with excellent life time.
  • Poisoning protected Ag/AgCl-reference system.
  • Clogging of the reference system by insoluble silver compounds is eliminated by AgCl-free electrolyte.


Electrode with platinum pin
Operative and measuring range -400 … +1’200 mV
Diaphragm open junction
Reference system Ag/AgCl
Electrolyte Polymer, 3.5 M KCl (without AgCl)
Operating temperature 0 … 50 °C
Pressure < 2 bar
Conductivity measuring medium > 100 µS/cm
Case material isotactic polypropylene, PPO
Connection plug PG 13.5
Weight 40 g


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