Swansensor Reference FL

Swansensor Reference FL

Reference electrode for Swansensors pH FL and Redox FL including filling solution.

  • Electrode in mechanically and chemically inert plastic case (IP68).
  • Poisoning protected Ag/AgCl-reference system.
  • Clogging of the reference system by insoluble silver compounds is eliminated by a AgCl-freeelectrolyte.
  • Use only with Swansensor pH FL or Swansensor Redox FL.
  • Sensor for the measuring transmitter AMI pH.


  • Reference system: Ag/AgCl
  • Electrolyte: KCl-solution, 3,5 M (without AgCl)
  • Diaphragm: annular gap
  • Operating temperature: 0 …. 50 °C
  • Pressure: pressure-free
  • Min. conductivity: 0.055 μS/cm
  • Flow speed: 5 to 10 l/h
  • Case material: PETPConnection: plug PG 13,5


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