Spare Parts and Consumables

At Swan Analytical Instruments, we understand the critical nature of precise and reliable water monitoring. That’s why our extensive inventory of spare parts and consumables, such as reagents, is designed to keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently.


Trust the accuracy and resilience of Swansensors for your analytical needs. We offer an extensive range of sensors for Conductivity, ORP – Redox, Oxygen, pH, Temperature, Turbidity, and more. Each sensor is engineered for optimal performance, ensuring your readings are always precise and trustworthy.



Revolutionise your water analysis with our robust flow assemblies. Designed to seamlessly integrate with our sensors, they provide uninterrupted and accurate data for all your water quality monitoring requirements.


Sampling Accessories

Swan has a range of precision sampling accessories to complement your analytical instruments. From back pressure regulators to cleaning modules to sample degassers, we have everything you need to ensure your water quality data is collected accurately and efficiently.

sampling accessories


Maintain the highest standards with high-quality Swan consumables, including reagents, calibration solutions and electrolytes, all formulated to work in perfect harmony with your Swan instruments.


Looking for specific parts or need assistance with your order? Our dedicated team is on hand to provide expert support.
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