Pool & Sanitary Water Monitoring

Swimming pools and aquatic centres play an important role in New Zealand society; they are used to teach children how to swim, to provide recreational space and physical activity, and also as elite sport training venues. Every year, millions of Australians use public swimming pools and aquatic centres but these facilities can also be a source of infectious bugs, if not rigorously maintained. Public Health Guidelines and other legislative documents govern the regulation and operation of swimming pools and aquatic facilities.

A critical component of maintaining the health and safety of swimming pools, and those who use them, is stringent water quality control. Swan provides online process analysers for the monitoring of parameters such as pH, conductivity, disinfection (free chlorine, total chlorine, combined chlorine, chloramines), ORP and turbidity.

Typical Pool Instrumentation

Pool Water Monitoring Instruments





pH and REDOX (ORP)


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