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Demineralised water plays a critical role in water steam cycles, often undergoing additional conditioning with specific chemicals. These controlled chemical operations are integral to maintaining stable metal oxide layers and preventing the gradual degradation of all components that come into contact with water.

With over 25 years of specialisation in the field, Swan Analytical offers an extensive selection of online instruments designed to monitor and control water quality in various systems, including cycles and auxiliary setups. These instruments are used in demineralised water or polisher plants, as well as in process condensates and cooling water cycles.

Recognising the importance of reliable measurements and continuous operation in maintaining optimal water quality, Swan focuses on providing robust and low-maintenance measuring technology. The safe operation of all related facilities is always their top priority.

As a single-source provider, Swan presents a comprehensive suite of parameters for your plant, ensuring that all your water monitoring needs are met from one reliable source.

Typical Instrumentation in Power and Steam Applications

Steam and Water Analysis System – SWAS

A Steam and Water Analysis System (SWAS) is an essential setup designed to monitor and analyse the quality of water and steam in power generation facilities. The SWAS panel, a critical component of this system, houses the instrumentation and controls necessary for the continuous sampling and analysis of key water and steam parameters. These parameters are crucial for ensuring the efficient operation of power plants, minimising corrosion, and preventing scale formation within the system.

Swan Analytical New Zealand specialises in providing comprehensive solutions for water steam sampling and analysis systems (SWAS). Our expertise ensures that power generation facilities operate efficiently, maintain system integrity, and comply with industry regulations.

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