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Setting the standard for water monitoring!

Swan Analytical Instruments is a pioneering technology provider of online water quality measuring analytical systems, serving customers in the power, pharmaceutical, waste water, pools and potable water industries.

Swan’s comprehensive instrumentation portfolio is dedicated to water analysis. We provide reliable, cost-effective and low-maintenance instrument solutions for water management. These online monitoring instruments help to improve the process efficiency and productivity, while assuring the water quality.

Swan Analytical’s water monitoring systems

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Why choose Swan Analytical Instruments?

Swan is a pioneer in panel-based measurement assemblies for online instruments. Our aim is to give you the information you need to maintain your water quality and reduce environmental impacts!

The self-developed Swan Monitor Concept complies with the latest guidelines and standards including various in-house quality control specifications:

  1. System Integration – Our panel-mounted, pre-configured analysers are compatible with all common communication protocols and regulation functions. They are designed for easy integration into any new or existing water monitoring program.
  2. Service and Maintenance – In order to keep maintenance efficient, the components on all Swan analysers are clearly arranged and easily accessible. Operation takes place entirely via menu-guided transmitters. Their uniform set-up makes them easy to operate, even with a multitude of measuring devices installed at the same time.
  3. Quality Assurance – The highest production standards, detailed in-house fine-tuning and continuous self-monitoring of our instruments guarantee the Swan quality that customers have come to expect.

What our clients and partners have to say

“I was at site 2 weeks ago and sat in the new SWAS containers for a long time and just looked and smiled. Very, very satisfied. Feedback from the operators was that they are very happy too. Previously our boiler compliance inspections were every 12 months costing in excess of $2 million for each inspection. With the accuracy and reliability of the Swan Analytical SWAS system our boiler compliance inspections can now be extended to every 4 years saving millions of dollars. This is our second Swan Analytical SWAS system at different sites, another great job from Swan Analytical New Zealand yet again.”

– Australian electricity generation client (totalling 2000+ MW generation)

“We have partnered with Swan Analytical on several projects now. On one occasion, our customer was upgrading their plant to new technologies and the majority of the work had to be done off-site. We designed customised containers that enabled the intricate pipe wipe and electronics to be completed off-site in Royal Wolf containers, then delivered them to site for the final installation. It was a great project to work on.”

Brendon Greatrex, National Modifications Manager at Royal Wolf

Water Quality Monitoring Instruments

Precision and reliability – our greatest guarantee

Precision, reliability and a determination for excellence are qualities that make Swan an ideal partner for you. We achieve this by relying on long-term supplier relationships and by steadily improving the quality of the parts.
In-house manufacturing is necessary for critical parts such as sensors. Every sensor and every instrument has been developed and manufactured at Swan’s headquarters in Switzerland. Each step, from the machine part to the final assembly undergoes severe quality control procedures. No instrument leaves the company without a final testing under real conditions. Only by these diverse quality checks, can we follow our principle:

Every instrument must perform to the full satisfaction of its user

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water monitoring

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