Carbohydrazide Analysers

What is Carbohydrazide?

Carbohydrazide, with the chemical formula CH6N4O and a molecular weight of 90.08, is a crystalline compound obtained through the formal condensation between hydrazinecarboxylic acid and hydrazine. It is characterised by its hydrazine and carbonyl functional groups, making it a carbohydrazide and a one-carbon derivative in its class. This white crystalline powder is commonly utilized as a reducing agent and an oxygen scavenger due to its capability to react with oxygen, thereby preventing oxidation processes. Carbohydrazide finds applications in various industrial processes, including as a high-performance oxygen scavenger in boiler systems, where it serves to protect against corrosion by removing or deactivating oxygen dissolved in the water without contributing to conductivity.


Carbohydrazide in Power and Steam Water Monitoring

Carbohydrazide is a crucial chemical used in power generation and steam water systems for its excellent oxygen scavenging capabilities. It plays a vital role in preventing corrosion within boiler systems, thereby enhancing their longevity and efficiency. Monitoring carbohydrazide levels is essential for optimal boiler operation and maintaining the integrity of water-steam cycles in power plants. This compound offers several advantages over traditional oxygen scavengers, including lower toxicity and high effectiveness under the demanding conditions of power plant operations. The development of precise monitoring technologies has further facilitated its use, allowing for efficient management of oxygen levels and contributing to the overall safety and operational stability of power and steam generation facilities. Carbohydrazide’s thermal stability and compatibility with various boiler system materials make it a preferred choice for water treatment in the energy sector.


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