Organics (UV 254) Analysers

What are Organics in Water?

Organics (UV 254) in water refers to the measurement of the absorption of ultraviolet light at a wavelength of 254 nanometers by organic compounds present in a water sample. This parameter is particularly sensitive to aromatic organic molecules, which are common in natural organic matter (NOM). The UV 254 absorbance value is used as an indicator of the concentration of these organic materials in water. Since many organic compounds can react during water disinfection processes to form potentially harmful by-products, the UV 254 measurement serves as a critical tool for assessing water quality and treatment efficiency. It provides a rapid, non-destructive means to monitor the presence and changes in organic content, aiding in the management of water treatment processes to ensure the safety and palatability of drinking water.


Monitoring Organics in Potable Water

Monitoring organics in potable water is an essential aspect of ensuring water safety and quality. Organic compounds, which include a range of naturally occurring materials as well as synthetic chemicals, can significantly impact the taste, odour, colour, and safety of drinking water. Sources such as rivers, lakes, aquifers, and reservoirs can introduce these compounds into water supplies. Effective monitoring strategies are crucial for identifying changes in water quality and implementing appropriate treatment processes. Techniques for tracking organic content include employing specific parameters like the Spectral Absorption Coefficient UV 254nm (SAC) to monitor natural organic matter (NOM) concentrations.

The presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other organic pollutants in water sources necessitates the adoption of real-time detection systems to safeguard against potential health risks. Ultimately, the goal of monitoring organics in potable water is to protect public health by ensuring treatment effectiveness, maintaining product quality, and preserving equipment assets, all while contributing to sustainability efforts in water management.


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